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Aluminium Safahan Extrusion Co. was established in 2005. Safahan Extrusion is proud to have taken an important step towards modernizing the aluminum section of the country by launching a huge line of its own aluminum profile production with the help of a well-trained and expert specialist, as well as using the latest technology of the European day with a fully automated production line. It is a progression to the technological advancement of the production of aluminum sections in our beloved Iran. Since its inception, the company’s policy has always been to offer the highest quality product. In order to achieve this goal, all machines purchased from the most reputable European brands and therefore all customers of this company have acknowledged the high quality products of Safahan Extrusion Co. Due to European standards, the company’s products are easily competitive with their European counterparts.

Trading and sales of Safahan Company

It constantly strives to use new customer relationship management systems and customer satisfaction levels to improve its activities, and has been working with a reseller network with sales agents around the country to make their products readily available. Put their customers

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